Be the Best Lover that You Can Be: Tips on How to Eat Out a GirlDo you perform oral sex on a girl just so that she can return the favor? Or are you one of the few men who actually enjoy giving pleasure to a woman? Perhaps you’re just not adept at the skills that you need to work on so that you can be good at the steps on how to eat out a girl (how to perform cunnilingus). That is exactly what we will try to discover here.

A Comprehensive How-To Guide on How to Eat Out a Girl (How to Perform Cunnilingus)

It’s probably good to learn about the basics of pleasing a woman first before dishing out the details on how to eat out a girl (how to perform cunnilingus). First, only one-fourth of the female population actually achieves an orgasm through vaginal penetration. The rest of them prefer to reach the ‘big O’ through cunnilingus or oral sex. So if you’re a man who would like to become a master lover, you should definitely brush up on your oral sex skills.

Second, the vagina is quite a complex organ. If it takes about five seconds of manual stimulation to the penis for a man to orgasm, it’s an entirely different story for women. They always need to get ‘warmed up’ so that any stimulation done down south will not cause them any discomfort or pain.

Now, here is a set of steps, tips and techniques that you need to keep in mind if you would like to learn how to eat her out:

Step 1 Don’t skip the foreplay.

Immediately getting to the main event is a sin that most men are guilty of. Whether it’s penetrative sex or oral sex that you are prepping up for, make sure that you don’t skip on the foreplay. Start by setting the mood – kissing and doing a lot of touching should do the trick. After playing with her breasts, you can skip the middle part of her body and move on to touching and kissing her legs. Build the heat and the sexual tension up and only hover your mouth over your target when she’s practically begging for it.

Step 2 Make sure that the vagina is already moist before doing any serious work down there.

You can use your tongue to check whether she’s ready for the next step.  Her vagina should already be moist if she’s had enough foreplay – then seriously get down to eating her out.

Step 3 Use the ‘write-the-alphabet-with-your-tongue’ trick.

One trick that most men use when learning how to eat out a girl (how to perform cunnilingus) is writing the alphabet with their tongues while they’re down there. You do need some dexterity – but with enough practice, you should be able to learn your ABCs so you’ll never be out of a variation when going down on her.

Step 4 Give your woman a great ending.

You’ll know from her moans and groans if she’s really into it. Try finding her G-spot and keeping a steady rhythm, and use a combination of clitoris manipulation until her vagina tightens up and suddenly relaxes. This is your cue that you just mastered the art of how to eat out a girl (how to perform cunnilingus).

How to Eat a Girl Out: Steps that Every Guy Should Know If you’re lucky enough to have a woman frequently or at least occasionally go down on you when you tangle the sheets together, how about learning how to return the favor? Although most men are adept at going down on a woman, there are still those who are not so confident of their skills when heading down south. Some are actually afraid of whatever smell or taste they would encounter down there; others have ‘performance anxiety’; while there are those who are simply not familiar with what they need to do when performing cunnilingus. These are precisely the reasons why you need to be knowledgeable when it comes to the steps on how to eat a girl out (how to make her moan with cunnilingus).

What are the Steps on How to Eat a Girl Out (Performing Cunnilingus)?

So what are the steps that you need to familiarize yourself with when learning how to eat a girl out? Take a look at the following list:

Step 1 Familiarize yourself with the parts of the vagina.

Okay, a woman’s nether parts may be a bit complex as compared to a man’s – which is made up of the shaft, head of the penis and the testicles – but you only need to be familiar with the sexually pleasurable parts.

There’s the clitoris which is also called the ‘love button’ of women, the vaginal opening and the G-spot which is located about a couple of inches up her vaginal opening, pointing towards her belly button. It is these parts that you need to play with if you want to eat a girl out (perform cunnilingus) and have her experience one of the most intense sexual experiences in her life.

Step 2 Tease other parts of her body before hitting your target.

Remember that if it takes about five seconds for a man to reach orgasm whenever he gets stimulation on his penis, but for a woman, it takes about five minutes or even more. If you try performing cunnilingus when she’s not properly warmed up, stimulating her vagina might cause her discomfort or pain instead of pleasure. So you do need to engage in a bit of prolonged foreplay by teasing and carressing other parts of her body before heading south.

Step 3 Take your time in eating her out when you’re already down there.

Again, one of the most important things that men need to remember is that it takes a bit longer for women to orgasm when oral sex is performed on her as compared to a man. When you have already reached your target, use your tongue, mouth, lips and fingers to make her moan in delight.

All in all, learning how to eat a girl out (how to make her moan with cunnilingus) is all a matter of doing what feels right when you’re alrady down there – and being attentive to her needs so that you will know what feels good for her.

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